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2018 NEILPRYDE Atlas 5,4 onshore / powerwave

2018 NEILPRYDE Atlas 5,4 onshore / powerwave
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2018  NEILPRYDE  ATLAS onshore / powerwave


Atlas  5,4

  • Size: ............. 5,4
  • Gabel / Vorliek 177/426
  • Variotop: ........fixed
  • IMCS / MAST:..... 19 / 400
  • Latten: ...........5
  • Cams:..............---
  • Anwendung:....Onshore / Powerwave




When you need to get safely across the white lines, or charge upwind through lulls, the 2018 Atlas delivers reassuring power and control; all that you need in on-shore wave conditions. Early to plane, the Atlas is up and ready to get into the action with efficient, controllable power at all times. Featuring great upwind ability and acceleration, the Atlas pushes hard with great profile stability.


Sail shaping balances the speed and power of a sail with control and handling. Shaping lower down in the sail will produce a little less power but increases manoeuverability. Shaping higher up in the sail creates more drive and low-end power.In the performance oriented sails this extra power is easy to control due to the profile stability supported by cams and tube-battens. In the manoeuvre and wave oriented sails, low shaping distribution provides uncompromised manoeuverability.








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