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2018 STARBOARD Blend 11'2"x32" Blend Deluxe Inflatable

2018 STARBOARD Blend 11'2"x32" Blend Deluxe Inflatable
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STARBOARD  11'2"x 32" Blend Deluxe Allround


Modelljahr: 2018

  • Volume:.....330 ltr.
  • Lenght: .....340.3 cm
  • Width: ....... 81.2  cm
  • Thickness:.....6.0" / 15.20 cm
  • Weight:....... Deluxe Double Chamber 11.09 kg +/-6%
  • Weight Range:....45-100 kg
  • Fin:........FCS  9" Touring US
  • Ausstattung:......Rucksack, Reparaturkit, Doppelhub Pumpe mit Manometer (bis 18 PSI)
  • Technology:.......Inflatable SUP Board (iSUP) 6.0" Drop-Stitch material


11'2"32" BLEND "WIDE WITH GLIDE, simple and stable" - All Round shapes for every one -

  • Fun glide for cruising, stable shapes for catching small waves. 
  • Versatile Size range. Offers a board for every rider weight and skill level.
  • Longer wider boards have faster glide and stability. While shorter narrower sizes are easier to turn and carry.


12’0? x 33? Atlas Longest glide and ultra stable for those learning to paddle, the Atlas is a fantastic cruising board.

11’2? x 32? Blend Fast glide from the narrower nose and stable turning from the wider tail, it blends cruising and surfing in one.

10’5? x 30? Drive The Drive offers a narrower width and outline for efficient glide and improved tracking as the rider can hold the paddle closer to the board.

10’0? x 35? Whopper Easier turning from the shorter length, extra stable from the 35? width and wide tail, a best seller for it’s versatility to do yoga, fitness, surfing and all round cruising.

9’0? x 30? Converse Short length makes it fast to turn, easy to carry and convenient to store. Narrower width improves tracking from holding the paddle straighter in the water. Popular with lighter riders that want a board that’s fast to inflate and easy to maneuver.

  • Target rider: up to 120 kg who want to cruise but also catch a few waves with a single board.
  • Key features: Wider tail outline for extra stability and easier turning when stepping back on the tail. Bungee tie-down on nose.



The chamber offers up to 42 liters of safety floatation, with 14 liters even in the smallest boards that require only 10 PSI. Starboard pioneered Double Chamber tech in the 2013 Ocean Rescue board. Future Coastguard regulations will possibly request this safety arrangement for inflatable board use in open waters.


The innovative chamber doubles the sidewalls and acts like rollable I-BEAMS. Starting just behind the standing area and continuing towards the front, the chamber is placed in the most critical area for flex and reduces deflection by 1.8 cm. The feeling of paddling with the stiff Double I-BEAM stringer is getting very similar to a hard board, propelling inflatable technology one step closer to a “hard board” feel.


The inflatable All Round range is available in both Deluxe Double Chamber and in Zen technology (except Converse model that available in Zen technology only).

Fins: Supplied with US center box on Deluxe Double Chamber boards and a FCS Touring 9" or FCS Connect 9". Thruster setup supplied with rollable fixed fins on Zen boards.



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