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2019 NEILPRYDE X:Ryde 8,2

2019 NEILPRYDE X:Ryde 8,2
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2019  NEILPRYDE  X:RYDE  freeride


X:RYDE 8,2

  • Size: ............. 8,2
  • Gabel / Vorliek 218/492
  • Variotop: ........fixed
  • Weight:..........N/A
  • IMCS / MAST:..... 25-29 / 460/490
  • Latten: ...........6
  • Cams:..............---
  • Anwendung:....freeride
  • C4 orange-mint
  • One mast and boom fit all sizes from 5.7 up to 7.7. (430 Mast / 160 Boom)
  • Moderate luff curve creating good lift while maintaining a stable profile when overpowered.
  • Medium foot cut for optimum balance between easy maneuvers and performance.
  • Dynamic compact clew: Helping the twist to be progressive for optimum draft control and stability.
  • RDM recommended from 5.7 up to 7.7 sizes.


X:RYDE HD Freeride

Based on the 2018 Ryde design, the X:Ryde has been designed to offer great low-end power and stability for early planing and controlled maneuvers. From initial stages of planing to mastering jibes and water-starts, this sail feels light in your hands and easy to maneuver. Ideal for hours of flat-water blasting, so comfortable that you will be able to stay on the water for longer without getting tired. Easy to rig and trim, the X:Ryde delivers immediate pleasure with no constraints while retaining the signature NeilPryde “performance” feeling.




Sail shaping balances the speed and power of a sail with control and handling. Shaping lower down in the sail will produce a little less power but increases manoeuverability. Shaping higher up in the sail creates more drive and low-end power.In the performance oriented sails this extra power is easy to control due to the profile stability supported by cams and tube-battens. In the manoeuvre and wave oriented sails, low shaping distribution provides uncompromised manoeuverability.








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